Services Include

True Mobile Recording Servies

We provide a wide range of Mobile and Location Recording and post production services along with highly experienced staff who can meet your requirements and needs in any recording and producion situation. Here at True Mobile Recording we make it possable to capture any live performance or recording session and turn it into broadcast quality audio for CD distribution, web download or radio broadcast.


The mobile recording truck has been designed to house any type console. We stock a wide range of mixers from a Yamaha LS9 16, Yamaha LS9 32, Yamaha M7 48, Soundcraft Series 2 and a Soundcraft Venue so our truck can be fitted with pretty much any console providing it had the revelvent outputs to connect to the recorders.

Whether you want us to provide you with a just recording service or a full front of house and stage monitoring sound system, we use an array or microphone splits so what we do in the recording process leaves the PA engineers completly uneffected and vice vera.

Mobile Recording Services:

  • 16 to 96 tracks of inputs
    16 to 96 channels of mic splits
    onsite post production
    studio post prodution
    live broadcasting
    live web streaming
    ISDN compatable
    on board FM transmitter
    on board UHF radio link
    UHF radio talkback

Typical Uses

  • festivals and events
    live bands
    school perforamnces
    live radio broadcast
    theatre productions

Brief List of Locations Covered: Harrogate, Leeds, Bradford, York, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby, Oxford, London, Reading, Bristol, London